Immersive Labs develops 'smart' billboard

By Brad Girtz
By Brad Girtz
April 19, 2011 02:00 PM GMT

New York start-up Immersive Labs has devised a system that allows billboards to analyze their viewers.

The prototype works using a series of cameras that observe viewers, noting their age, gender and estimated attention span, and even counting how many people are engaging with the ad.

This allows the program to display the advertisement it feels is most relevant to the current viewers.

"The real focus is artificial intelligence - so that ads can learn and improve over time," says Immersive Labs CEO Jason Sosa.

"The software may learn that it's better to play a Coca-Cola ad at this time of day, or when the weather's like this."

The billboards could also be set to take outside factors like time and weather conditions into account. This means more companies could advertise on the same space and know their ad was reaching its intended audience.

Currently, Immersive Labs is only working with a prototype of this system. They recently came out of a start-up accelerator program called TechStars and are in talks with 40 companies who are interested in their technology.


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