Infographic: The digital marketing mix for hotels, according to eRevMax

By Travolution
By Travolution
January 10, 2014 11:15 AM GMT

A new infographic from channel management and distribution specialist eRevMax has been created to reveal trends in the sector.

The ‘Online Hotel Distribution’ insight tracks the rise of mobile and social, growing importance of metasearch, and the proportion of OTA versus direct bookings.

eRevMax said: “To shift market share from the OTAs to direct bookings, hoteliers should utilise metasearch sites as a part of their overall distrbution strategy as it offers better search experience and allows the traveller to find the lowest prices available online.”

It added: “In this world of social media, SEO, and analytics failure to adopt digital platforms in their marketing strategy is suicidal for hotels.

“The data shows that 81% of tech-savvy travellers find user reviews important, while 49% travellers book hotel-only after reading reviews.

“Nearly 21% used Facebook to search for hotel information at least once while 14% of travellers use the Facebook platform to book a hotel room.

“Hence, it is imperative that hotels take social-commerce seriously."



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