How Holidays Please designer's pet project got him audience with Obama

By Travolution
By Travolution
June 27, 2014 02:06 PM GMT

A web designer for Holidays Please has been pursuing an interesting technological side line when he’s not helping the luxury retailer sell holidays.

Russell Pinnington became involved in a mechanical giraffe project around five years ago having hooked up with lead designer Lindsay Lawlor of San Diego online.

Last week the project took him all the way the White House, where the giraffe was introduced to none other than US president Barrack Obama.

Pinnington had to go through about three layers of security to get in and one layer to get out. He was accompanied at the White House the whole time by a minder and he got to meet, shake hands and speak briefly to the President.

The giraffe can speak and has Pinnington's voice which somewhat puzzled the President that one of the key technical team behind it is actually English. 

A Youtube video shows the President meeting the giraffe.


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