Deal agreed to connect Busy Rooms with Tripvillas' 60,000 properties

By Travolution
By Travolution
November 3, 2014 10:50 AM GMT

Asian holiday rental website Tripvillas has agreed an exclusive deal with Busy Rooms.

It will enable Busy Rooms to connect Tripvillas’ 60,000 properties to selected online sales channels.

This will enable Tripvillas customers to list their properties on a variety of websites without extra work.

At the same time online sales channels will be given easy access to niche and hard to access hospitality product.

Tripvillas chief executive, Roshan Dsilva, said: “As the leading platform for owners of holiday rentals in Asia, our continuous effort is to ensure the best distribution for our owners.

“We have already gone live with many OTAs and this partnership will accelerate the process.

“We look forward to working with Busy Rooms to ensure that Asian holiday rentals are sold on every major OTA in the world.“

Busy Rooms distribution vice-president, Werner Meyer, added: "Our model of helping demand and supply to more easily connect within the hospitality industry is truly reinforced with this latest deal.

“In an industry that suffers from cumbersome information exchange it’s our mission to fix broken links thus benefiting suppliers, demand partners and end consumers equally.’


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