Travolution honours co-founder

18 Oct 2013

Fifteen years after the website she co-founded first went live, internet pioneer Baroness Martha Lane-Fox was honoured by Travolution at last .........

Guest Post: How new technology benefits both customers and hotels

11 Oct 2013

By Tim Butterworth, independent hotel technology professional and advisory board member, Hospitality Technology Europe (HTE).......

Guest Post: Why personalisation is important to the travel market

04 Oct 2013

By Jon Pickles, travel technology, CRM and social media consultant......

Guest Post: The three areas in which technology will de-stress airports

27 Aug 2013

By John Jarrell, head of Airport IT at Amadeus......

Guest Post: Realising the vision of true personalisation

23 Aug 2013

Personalisation is not a 'set and forget' activity; it is an evolutionary, iterative process that demands real-time testing and measurement, .........

Guest Post: How a sunnier outlook will shift focus on digital recruitment in travel

16 Aug 2013

As the sun continues to shine both physically and metaphorically on an economy that looks like it could be awakening from a five year slumber, .........

Guest Post: The power features that a next-gen 'smart hotel' needs

14 Aug 2013

Former Comtec product director Jon Pickles sets out how hotels are going to need to get more personal in the future if they are to win business......

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of online video

22 May 2013

Dean Harvey, Designate digital development director assesses some attempts from the travel sector of getting video right to promote brands.......

Guest Post: Act now on payment regulations compliance

22 May 2013

Compliance with payments regulation is a critical part of your responsibility to your customers and their data, writes Andrea McGeachin, .........

Guest Post: Next gen caching can help you be top gun

08 May 2013

By Boyan Manev, director of business development and product marketing at Vayant Travel Technologies.......

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