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Specialist airline data security team established by Foregenix

19 Mar 2015

A specialist airline security team has been established to assist airlines, airports, service providers and aviation businesses to ensure that .........

Grasp the blurring of channels opportunity to achieve marketing efficiency, says Marin

19 Mar 2015

The blurring of online channels is offering travel firms the opportunity to use customer data from multiple sources to better target their deals .........

Amadeus launches new Ticket Changer functionality as part of campaign for agent efficiency

18 Mar 2015

Amadeus has launched new agency technology to make it easier for retailers to issue refunds and to reissue air tickets. ......

Peakwork and Expedia Affiliate Network strike new dynamic hotel distribution deal

18 Mar 2015

Expedia Affiliate Network has struck a strategic partnership with German travel software specialist Peakwork to use its distribution platform. ......

Cruise poised to become big for online travel agents in the UK

13 Mar 2015

Is the growing UK cruise set to become a new vertical for the mainstream OTA retail sector? It seems it is. ......

Be good on Facebook to crack social media, expert tells Global agents

13 Mar 2015

Social media expert Bruce Martin told members of travel agency consortium The Global Travel Group they should focus efforts on Facebook. ......

Global Travel Group poised to invest in new travel agency technology

13 Mar 2015

Travel agency consortium The Global Travel Group is in discussions about bringing in new mid-office technology for its agents, having rolled out .........

Interview: Pebble Travel out to help travel firms negotiate stepping stones from famine to feast

13 Mar 2015

An investment vehicle set up to provide capital for growing small to medium sized travel firms in the UK says it’s rare to find prospects that .........

Cruise agencies urged to embrace mobile web or miss out

13 Mar 2015

Cruise agencies are being urged to recognise the benefits of mobile websites ahead of Google search ranking changes.......

Exploit the tech you've got, Amadeus urges travel agents

13 Mar 2015

'Use the tech you already have' says Amadeus' technology consultants Nicola Long and Guy Snelgar......

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