Tripadvisor members almost double in nine months

Kevin May
Kevin May
October 23, 2008 08:39 AM GMT

Site launches in India and Japan have boosted the number of reviews on Tripadvisor to more than 20 million, figures to be released today will reveal.

The user review giant has also reached more than nine million members following a massive surge from five million at the turn of year.

The huge increase in member and review figures follow launches of the company into the Subcontinent and the Far East earlier this year.

The number of hotel reviews stood at six million in 2006 and 15 million just six months ago.

Tripadvisor’s expansion programme has led to more than half of the company’s 25 million monthly users coming from outside the US.

The Expedia-owned company is also expected to launch in China in the coming months.


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