Dolphin and Syntec launch PCI solutions for travel

By Travolution
By Travolution
September 27, 2011 12:00 PM GMT

Travel technology specialist Dolphin Dynamics has teamed up with Syntec Telecom to help firms comply with payment card regulations.

Dolphin and Syntec are offering PCI DSS-compliant systems for firms operating homeworkers and call centres that record customer data and handle card payments.

Dolphin Dynamics described compliance with these regulations as ‘the next big regulatory issue’ for the travel industry.

“For all organisations, both large and small, PCI DSS compliance is starting to be required as a condition of their merchant licence,” said Dolphin Dynamics chief executive Roberto Da Re.

“Not only is your company exposed to fraud if you are not, but with credit card companies starting to introduce extra charges if you are not compliant, it is vital to start addressing this issue now.”

Simon Beeching, newly-appointed director of Syntec, added: “We are delighted to be working with Dolphin on PCI solutions for the travel industry - in particular to help companies take their call centres out of the scope of PCI compliance audits by providing ready-compliant technology solutions for them.”


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