Kayak offers seven-day air fare price forecast

By Travolution
By Travolution
January 15, 2013 03:00 PM GMT

Kayak has launched a new price forecast service allowing its users to see if the flights they have searched for are likely to fall or increase in price in the next seven days.

The new service complements the comparison site’s When’s Best to Book’ which offers a view of prices over the course of a year.

Kayak said the new forecast service has been created on the back of analysis of one billion annual queries performed on the site, so offers an accurate picture of price movements.

Giorgos Zacharia, Kayak's chief scientist who led the development of the price forecast said:

“Our algorithm incorporates data from multiple faring and availability providers across the over one billion annual queries performed on Kayak sites and mobile apps.

“As we continue to collect data and test the algorithm, the forecast accuracy will continue to improve.”

The service is currently available on kayak.co.uk and kayak.com in the US.


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