Travel Republic claims Google+ followers landmark

By Travolution
By Travolution
March 6, 2013 08:53 AM GMT

Travel Republic has become the first UK travel agency to hit 1 million followers on Google+.

This comes as the online agency marked its first birthday on Google+.

The company’s marketing executive Sophie Manning said:  “Our central goal in using Google+ is to communicate to a wide international audience.

“It’s an effective marketing tool for both brand awareness and customer acquisition, which fits in perfectly with our plans for international expansion.”

She added: “Unlike our other social media accounts, Google+ enables us to reach a widespread international audience, engaging with those who wouldn’t necessarily have heard of the brand before.

“We’ve just started to get involved in communities as
 well, which lets us tap into new and relevant audiences.”

Travel Republic’s inaugural community is called ‘Beach Holidays’.

“We’re excited as it gives us the opportunity to tap into niche audiences and gain brand exposure on relevant topics,” said Manning.

The ability to quickly upload images to the brand’s Google+ feed is seen as a key benefit.

“We believe that posts are much more successful with photos, and Google+ enables us to upload high quality full sized photos which encourage more shares,” said Manning.

“Our most shared posts have resulted in a remarkable amount of traffic clicking through to our main site. Another great achievement is having several of our posts featured on the ‘What’s Hot’ recommendations, which again have resulted in increased traffic and followers.”

She added: “Since using the platform to share our blog content, we’ve seen an increase in page views on our blog, with Google+ being one of its top referrers.”


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